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Elite QBs & Fantasy X-Factors with Pat Fitzmaurice and Alex Gelhar

Episode Summary

Greg is joined by Pat Fitzmaurice and Alex Gelhar to dissect the top-tiers of quarterback and investigate fantasy X-factors for the 2020 season like COVID-19 and rookie running backs.

Episode Notes


On this episode of The Most Accurate Podcast, Pat Fitzmaurice and Alex Gelhar join Greg to break down some news, talk top-tier quarterbacks, and investigate some fantasy X-factors for the 2020 NFL season. The show kicks off using Kelvin Harmon's ACL injury as an excuse to discuss the unnamed Washington franchise's fantasy outlook, then your hosts discuss the rumors of free agent wideouts joining the Seahawks. From there, the conversation turns to the top tiers of quarterbacks (10:52), splitting hairs between the consensus top-six passers before speculating on which lower-ranked signal-callers could crash the top-tier party under the right circumstances. The rest of the episode deals with X-factors for the upcoming season, including COVID-19 and how it should impact league setups and draft strategy (36:13), rookie rushers set to shake up established backfields (46:01), and a few other players from the Broncos, Colts, and Dolphins (1:02:37).


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